With the ebbs and flows of life, we have encountered so much together. Things have spiraled out of control yet we have learned to use what tried to kill us as a unifier to bring change. We have endured life in unexpected circumstances that revealed our strength and ability to love one another. We have become innovative with new ideas to build our community in the midst of a storm. The world as we know it today has shifted into new opportunities to grow and develop a new beginning. A second chance to redeem what was broken now is the process of beautifying our roles in society. The Women of the 21 century are designed to be resilient mothers, wives, sisters, and business owners. With special talents and qualifications we all matter. It’s in the differences that make us complete, we can not do it alone.  COVID has gifted us with clarity to pursue the best parts of us. In every phase of life, we are required to make some adjustments that are quite uncomfortable. It takes faith to go where you have never been. We have been challenged in this time to dig a little deeper in the discovery of purpose. COVID was God redirecting mankind back to his Love for us. From the Storm to beauty we have learned to put what matters above all else. Finding balance in life is what creates successful lifestyles and communities.

“Balance requires intentional planning and attention to detail”, says Mrs, Naomi Waller. A Wife, mother of 2, Beautyprenuer of 7 years, and owner Of Ayoki Styles Beauty Collection. Naomi has managed to find strategies on how to produce a well-rounded schedule to fulfill the responsibilities of her day. Mrs. Waller The “Lifestyle Beautyprenuer” is a licensed Beauty Consultant who “Empowers through the Art Of Beauty”. When the pandemic came suddenly Mrs. Waller was forced to find new ways to still Empower and serve her clients digitally. With much consideration, she decided that she would build a business that was centered around her roles as a now stay-at-home mother and wife. While mapping out how she was going to integrate each element of her life. She went through a process of disciplining herself to prepare for success by changing her approach in business.” If COVID did not take place I would still be working my 9-5 job missing out on the most important moments of my life.” says Mrs. Waller. Taking time away from the busyness of life has assisted Mrs.Waller to create her Beauty brand while still using her expertise to influence people all over the world. Ayoki Styles beauty collection is an online digital store featuring organic beauty products designed for curly hair textures and self-care. Self-care brings clarity reminding us to slow down and be grateful. Mrs.Waller’s intention is to highlight self-care, staying balanced, and more through the lens of beauty. 

When balance becomes a priority, life becomes narrow. Planning removes confusion allowing visualization of what needs to happen next. In any crisis, readjustments are needed in order to flow with the change. Be ok with change, change redirects our path moving us closer to the expected end. Balance requires practice daily, be gentle with yourself when learning how to take control over your life.


Make adjustments by first listing out the most important priorities to see your desired outlook on the day is successful. Mrs. Waller’s suggestion is to keep yourself the number one priority. Make sure that you do continual checks throughout the day for yourself. What you provide for others will only come from what you do for yourself. It is easy to run low when you are a nurturer to 

people. Spending time in prayer and meditation can bring peace to conquer the day’s goals. Keep in mind that you have a limited source of energy in one day. How and who you spend it with matters. If you are a business owner, mother, and or wife influence matters. Make adjustments to relationships and habits to fit the lifestyle you desire. 


After you have listed your priorities it is now time to bring all things together. Time is valuable, look at it as a substance that assists you to evenly distribute into different elements of your life. Putting your priority on paper allows you to visually see how and where you will distribute time. Too much time in one area of life leaves a lack in another. You will know you are in alignment when the things that you can control are under control. When alignment happens it makes room for more.


With every opportunity whether big or small, there’s come responsibility. Everything Good requires your attention to detail. Being a woman in the 21 century takes strength to endure all of the responsibilities thrown at us. Is it possible to do everything we are called to? Absolutely says, Mrs. Waller. Put into practice daily the plans that you set for yourself. Eliminate anything that does not fit in your plans. Remember you can not control anything more than what is in front of you. Focus on the responsibility at hand, once you have mastered your day. You will find that you have exercised a muscle to bring order back into your life. Giving you more capacity to create balance even in the craziness. Now you have created access to do more. 



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