Benefits of steaming curls

Us Curly girls have experienced extremely dry hair before. In some cases we have tried every moisturizing product on the shelf but still suffer not being able to fully get our curls to stay moisturized. Curl steaming can assist in getting product to deeply hydrate and moisturize curls.  Hair steamers are fairly cheap and can be bought from Amazon for a reasonable price. Here is a link to the Steamer I use at the salon.

Hair steaming is moist heat that assist with opening up the hair follicles and pores on scalp gently while hydrating the hair in equal part water and product. Steaming is safe when used moderately. To much of anything is no good this includes steaming. Use steaming 2 to 3 times a month preferably on the days that you detox your curls. 


Here are some benefits to using the steamer on your curls : 

☀️Slowly opens cuticles to allow curl treatment and water to penetrate hair shaft equally.

☀️Improves healthy blood flow and scalp circulation

☀️Maximum hydration and moisture from root to ends
☀️Promotes healthy curl growth
☀️Stronger and healthier curls
☀️Softer and smoother curls
☀️Gently removes dead skin and cells from scalp

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