Today, I woke up anxious full of excitement. So much excitement I woke up with an attitude lol. I skipped going to the gym this morning. Not a good idea Instead, I sat in front of the computer from 5 am to 3pm working on marketing strategies to assist with a successful open date. 

I've been building my business a little every day and although it would be nice to just have someone do it all for me. I have learned the value of working hard while integrating balance to produce without break down. 


This is my creative definition of balance, to evenly distribute your time in what is fitting for your wellbeing.

Too much time put into your work leaves you unbalanced in other areas of your life that are equally important. Don't forget that you are the engine that keeps things around you flowing. Give yourself balance and evenly disturbute your time to keep from breaking down.

Incorporate meditation, praying, or whatever is necessary for you. Take a drive with the windows down. Or a refreshing bath in the middle of the day.  

Whatever you need to do to keep yourself balanced make sure that it makes sense. Put in perspective what is important first and evenly distribute your time around your priorities. We all have many responsibilities and life can become hard. Its ok to take a step back and plan your time so that you work it ,not it work you!  

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